7/2/2012 Farm Share (and 6/25 share leftovers)

I am gonna have to confess that I still have some things left from last week’s CSA and here comes today’s delivery that included spring onions with tops, a large cluster of tat-soi, a bunch of summer savory, 2 big beautiful zucchini, 2 small velvety purple cauliflower, a bag of sugar snaps, 2 cucumbers, 2 heads of lettuce, a few beets, a small red cabbage and 2 quarts of sour cherries.

Last week’s share pictured below had some of the best lettuce – 2 big heads, a bunch of swiss chard, bags of sugar snaps, snow peas, broccoli and turnips, a head of radicchio, bunches of rocket and scallions and red raspberries.¬† Couldn’t keep myself¬† away from Saturday’s Troy Farmers Market and picked up some shell peas, cheese curds with sun-dried tomato, a spinach-purslane mix, some pea shoots, a couple of tomatoes, a bargain box of peach seconds, a pint of early yellow plums, a bag of apples and a variety of herbs – lovage, thyme and chives.

So time to get to work planning out how to use all this great stuff! I have been pouring through some cook books, magazines, food blogs and cooking sites and am psyched about trying out some new things and whipping up some old friends. Heidi Swanson’s food diary supplied both a way to use up the homemade ricotta from yesterday’s experiment in a Ricotta Zucchini Cheesecake and a truly tasty salad – Broccoli Crunch. Any additional ricotta will be an encore of the Zucchini Carpaccio cause it was just that good. The purple cauliflower will be perfect for a colorful rendition of Cauliflower Polonaise which will add chopped hard cooked eggs to roasted cauliflower.

The sour cherries will likely be pitted tomorrow and head to the freezer because the peaches are now perfectly ripe for a pie or two – one with raspberries and a crumb top, one double crust with a touch of almond but I will save a handful for a braised red cabbage dish with apples and sour cherries that bakes in the oven after a stove top saute start. There are enough cucumbers for a batch of Cucumber and Red Onion Salad that will pair well with Red Rice and Quinoa recipe from Yotam Ottolenghi (arugula, scallions and some spring onions) that I will get posted a bit later in the week. The shell peas are destined to become Lettuces with shell peas, bacon and blue cheese salad. The sugar snaps are good just as they are as a snack or along with a sandwich. There’s still more to plan and cook but that’ll make a dent – what fun. Hope you enjoy!

PS – the herb purchases were all about making crackers and can’t wait to share how these come out. There has been a failure or two but getting closer – will keep you posted. Happy, healthy eating!