Broccoli Crunch

7/2/2012 Farm Share (and 6/25 share leftovers)

I am gonna have to confess that I still have some things left from last week’s CSA and here comes today’s delivery that included spring onions with tops, a large cluster of tat-soi, a bunch of summer savory, 2 big beautiful zucchini, 2 small velvety purple cauliflower, a bag of sugar snaps, 2 cucumbers, 2 […]

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Homemade Ricotta comparison

A Homemade Ricotta Method Comparison

We started receiving zucchini in our farm share a couple of weeks back and while I know that some spiced zucchini bread is in our future when the vegetable gets large, I was looking for something new to try that would enable the delicate buttery taste of young Zucchini¬† and other summer squashes to shine […]

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Buffalo Chicken Pot Pie

ole’ X4 – favorite quick mexican-style meals

I don’t know what it is but I love the flavors of mexican-style dishes and I am always on the lookout for recipes that take those flavors and provide a quick, easy to prepare dish that will feed a large group or work for several meals in a week – IE yummy enough where no […]

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6/18/12 Farm Share

6/18/12 Farm Share

The bounty expands! This week we received two tiny buttery squash, garlic scapes, two varieties of head lettuce. a bunch of radishes with greens, a small head of tender purple-tinged cauliflower, broccoli, bags of spinach and snow peas, Swiss chard and mustard greens, a large bok choy and sweet local cherries. I have to do […]

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June 11 2012 CSA

6/11/12 Farm Share

Week #2 of our CSA delivery included a big and beautiful napa cabbage, a bunch of french breakfast radishes with greens, a medium cauliflower head, a head of green leaf lettuce, a large bunch of delicate scallions, a bunch of sorrel, bags of mesclun mix and pea shoots and two quarts of freshly picked local […]

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June 4-2012 CSA Delivery

June 4th, 2012 CSA Delivery

Our first CSA delivery for the season arrived last night. Everything looks so green and wonderful and after taking the time to wrap and refrigerate, the planning of how to use this wonderful bounty begins.¬† Rachel and Eric of Foxtail Community Farm always provide some recipe tips, storage instructions and a bit of what’s going […]

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June 2, 2012 Farmers Market

…and a few comments on cooking greens

Farmers Markets have moved outdoors now in the great northeast and our CSA share [Consumer Supported Agriculture] starts next week which we are really excited about. I scored some local strawberries and honey crisp apples that will both end up in salads this week along with Boston lettuce, red leaf, baby spinach and more on […]

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Cacao Nibs – what are they?

So a totally fair question came up about Cacao [pronounced ka-cow] nibs in connection with the Nibby Bittersweet Brownie recipe. What exactly are cacao nibs? I say the question is totally fair because a few months back, I really didn’t know much about nibs either. So let’s talk about them. First, props go to vegan […]

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Basic Chicken Breasts – Step by Step

Jacques Pepin calls chicken ‘the perfect canvas for a chef’¬† meaning you have so many options for flavors and preparations that will work for you. Roasted white meat has about 9 grams of protein and 1 gram of fat and is a good source of niacin and selenium. I look for free range or vegetarian […]

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Your recipe for recipe success

There is this concept called ‘mise en place’ in the cooking craft. The literal translation is ‘put in place.’ I am betting that almost every craft has this concept but just call it by a different name. To you, if you are new to following recipes and working around the kitchen, it means – get […]

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